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 Data Analytics

Identify cost saving opportunities with

analytics to drive critical decision making

The key to successfully managing your transportation spend is data.  Our reporting and analytics provide you real-time insights that enable you to manage trends, maximize efficiencies, and identify valuable opportunities for savings.  Our software tools allow us to extrapolate and manage your actual data in an intelligent way and establish a baseline.  Our robust tools provide an accurate, in-depth and detailed analysis of your actual shipping data that enables us to create custom reports for the purposes of forecasting, budgeting and making effective management decisions.

Business Meeting

Supply Chain Optimization


Increase efficiencies, build value and reduce costs to

achieve operational and profitability improvements

We are experts in helping you discover "what could be" compared to "what is" in terms of your current supply chain model.  We use a structured methodology to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improvements within your supply chain that support your business strategy.  The first step is to establish a baseline that includes strategic discussions around your company goals, initiatives and challenges.  Next we identify and prioritize opportunities based on a collaborative review of the following areas: origin sourcing and logistics, inbound transportation, distribution logistics, outbound transportation, and reverse logistics.  We then analyze the information collected and create recommendations for solutions that will optimize and bring value to your supply chain network.

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Time In Transit Auditing

Enhance customer satisfaction through

automation to remediate service disconnects

Industry surveys repeatedly show that businesses value "reliability" and on-time performance above all else.  Late deliveries result in unhappy customers and lost opportunities for repeat business.  Having visibility to all of your shipments is key to being proactive with your customers and exceeding their expectations.  We perform and monitor audits on your carrier invoices, identify late deliveries and overcharges, and work with the carriers in providing the eligible refunds to you.  The only cost to you is a percentage of the refunds we find for you.


Technology Improvements

Cost effective automation to impact process optimization

We analyze your current business processes and recommend modern and updated technology solutions to help reduce costs and optimize efficiencies in Operations, Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, and Marketing.


Strategic Sourcing, Auditing & Procurement

Take control of your transportation costs and operating expenses

Customers require efficient, reliable and multi-modal transportation solutions along with innovative technology that streamlines shipment processing and enhances visibility across the lifecycle of each order.  Our objective is to enhance the customer experience and provide an agile and responsive supply chain.  We evaluate a client's existing supply chain, and then we strategize using smart tools and analytics to determine the best transportation carrier partners for our clients.  We assist our clients in negotiating the best carrier agreements for them based on their shipping needs and requirements.  We fully understand the industry in terms of how carriers provide pricing, and our  technology tools enable us to negotiate the best pricing scenario for you and your company.  The best part is you get paid when we save you money.


Sales & Negotiation Training

Empower your team to win and retain valued customers

We provide training in sales and negotiations to help you win more customers and retain them.  We train on selling value, the sales cycle, how to negotiate throughout the entire buying cycle, how to increase sales velocity and how to retain a customer for a lifetime.

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