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Our Story

Our company was founded in 2018 by Monica Hayden.  Monica worked tirelessly over the past couple of years to bring to fruition a company that helps businesses reduce transportation costs and improve processes and strategies.  The company was expanded in January 2020 when she brought on board Bob O’Meara, a seasoned logistics executive.  Phil Adams, former Director of Sales Northern California for UPS, joined in October 2021.  Bob and Phil have a long proven track record in the transportation industry of helping companies strengthen, transform and optimize their supply chain processes.  They have worked with hundreds of customers in the healthcare, technology, retail, financial services, automotive and manufacturing industries.  They first understand a company’s culture, organizational strategies, internal distribution processes, short-term and long range goals, and their quality improvement processes.  They then help companies achieve business growth by defining their needs and developing innovative transportation strategies that generate meaningful and positive results.  Their goal is to create economical and agile solutions that offer affordability, ease-of-use, convenience, visibility and consistent transit times in order to enhance customer satisfaction.  


​Throughout Monica’s childhood, she was introduced to a highly complex logistics environment at the San Jose Flea Market.  Her family founded the business in 1960.  Through determination, commitment to excellence, resiliency and outstanding service, the family grew the business to what it is today.  The San Jose Flea Market now spans more than 120 acres and hosts over 600 vendors every week.  Through this upbringing, Monica was able to experience and learn the key building blocks to building and sustaining a strong business.  She was always intrigued and fascinated as to how everything flowed together so seamlessly and efficiently.  As she grew older and was introduced to the business side of things, she saw that it was the hard work of her family that made everything work. She began to see the passion, dedication, and diligence it took to run one’s own company and was inspired to become a successful entrepreneur and leader.


Wanting to continue the family tradition of owning and running a company, Monica studied and graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business.  Monica continues to expand the company with a strong desire to help customers optimize their logistics in order to meet their strategic goals and their evolving needs.

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